Your relaxation and healing is what matters the most.

I provide convenient service with in-home, in-business and in-workplace settings all for the benefit of your wellness.

My mobile service is perfect for people with busy schedules, seniors or people with agility limitations all performed within the comfort of familar settings.

With accomodating options of both location and time, I strive to provide complete bliss and satisfaction with each vist.



Reiki is a Japanese technique to aide with stress reduction, relaxation, spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It is a safe and natural method known to be helpful in helping almost every known illness and condition.  Reiki works effectively with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to reduce side effects, promote recovery and boost your body's natural healing process.


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Sometimes we just need that extra little bit of encouragement to help guide us with difficult decisions and life events.  Your ability to explore what this beautiful world has to offer can often be suppressed with lack of clarity.  I can help you learn about yourself and understand what has holding you back from achieving your dreams.

I am excited to help guide to you find the innocence and the power in  purity of life by spiritually empowering you to find your truth.



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Guide your team to believe that they can excel beyond the belief system they have created over the years.   The limitations are endless when one masters the skill of Shattering Glass Ceilings.  

We work with your team using proven methods to a create a powerful synergetic bond.  

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